ELTRES for IoT Sensing Network

ELTRES is a new LPWA (Low Power Wide Area) wireless communication standard that can be used for IoT networks.

Features of ELTRES

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Stable communication

By combining error correction technology and receiver circult technology, high-sensitivity communication is achieved even in noisy urban areas.

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Long-distance transmission

Transmission with a line-of-sight of 100 km or more has been made possible by synthesizing multiple received waveforms to improve sensitivity, data correction using error corrections codes, and mounting an algorithm receiver that eliminates various interfaces in communication. It can also be transmitted in the mountains and at sea.

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Low power consumption

By performing high-load signal processing on the receiving station side, the user transmitting terminal side becomes a simple operation that only sends data, so it can be operated with a single coin battery.

Note: Power consumption varies depending on conditions such as transmission frequency.

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Compatible with high-speed mobiles

The synchronization pattern appears at regular intervals by breaking it down into pieces and periodically scattering them in the signal. The Fourier transform that decomposes the signal for each frequency component makes it possible to detect fluctuations in the communication path, and can be used for high-speed mobile objects with speeds of 100 km/h or more.

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GNSS standard equipment

High-precision communication is achieved because synchronous communication is performed between the transmitting terminal and receiving station using the high-precision time information of GNDD.

In addition, the transmission time can be shortened because it is not necessary to add a preamble for each transmission.

What you can do with ELTRES

ELTRES IoT network is a next generation communication service that matches the IoT era where all things are connected. With the power of ELTRES, we will contribute to solving problems in various industries.

Here are some use cases where ELTRES can contribute.

Used for position monitoring of all vehicles such as buses and construction machinery refuse trucks.

Used for observing pollution levels and weather parameters for smart city planning and public health.

Build a water level monitoring system to prevent flood damage.

Control water, fertilizer, etc. by utilizing the sensor function of the field.

Grasp the location information of building material equipment and predict the carry-out.

Real-time notification of people's whereabouts to aid emergency services or for safety in adventure sports.

Grasp the location information of pallets, etc. to reduce the risk of loss.

Monitoring traps, infestation of birds and beasts, reporting on capture.

Monitoring and tracking of boats and yachts in marina for professional sports or personal leisure applications.